Improve Customer Service with Social Media


by Michael Bowers

I recently participated in a workshop presentation at the Association of Small Business Development Centers Annual Conference with my friend Keith Yurgosky of the Scranton Pennsylvania SBDC. The session focused on how to utilize social media to improve customer service.  Below you will find the presentation slides. As you will see there are great tips and examples to help companies listen and address customer service concerns.

I talk to many business owners who feel customer service is their secret sauce to help them succeed. To most businesses, however, good customer service is about getting the coffee out correctly and quickly. I really don’t think this kind of service will get you business (although bad service will certainly lose you business). People expect good, if not great customer service. It should be about helping people get more than they expect. I think to often when it comes to using social media for customer service it is about addressing challenges. While this is a must, it is reactive. We can’t just focus on solving problems and stop there. We should be proactive with social media to enhance the customer service experience.  It is your job to exceed your customers expectations and social media can help you do that. Continue reading

Alternative Financing Options For Small Businesses

by Michael Bowers

Whether you are starting a small business or have been in business for years there will come a time where securing financing will allow you to move the the next step or level. The trick is either getting the bank to say yes or finding other alternatives. Below you will find a slideshow based on a presentation I did at the Mayor’s Small Business Conference in Columbus, Ohio. Take a look at the presentation to find information on alternatives suck as Merchant Financing, Peer-to-Peer Financing and Crowdfunding. All of these are viable options to helping you get the money you need to grow.


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Resources To Help Build Your Online Presence

Recently I had the privilege to speak to a number of small business owners about social media. If you are interested the slides can be found by clicking here.  It is a fun class but there is so much to cover. It is really tough to get everything in during the session so I thought I would direct everyone to some of my favorite resources and posts for making social media work for their business. Continue reading

Beware Of Early Business Success

by Michael Bowers

You launched your business. You have built out the product, you are getting favorable reaction from your early market entry, you even got some early financing. Things are going great. This entrepreneurship thing is a piece of cake, right?

WARNING ~ Celebrate early success but don’t take your foot off the gas. 

success failureThere is a life cycle to business growth and even if things are working at the beginning there are a lot of different issues you will have to deal with in the future that can derail your business. I have been working with businesses for over 20 year and I know those entrepreneurs that are committed, passionate and driving forward succeed long term. Continue reading

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